Protecting the LGBTQ+ Community

The Identified Concern:

  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community are being forced out of traditional nuclear family households due to sexual orientation or Gender identity

  • Homeless LGBTQ+ members are being subject to Human Trafficking

  • Mental Health concerns are being ignored due to stress, increasing Suicidal thoughts, and tendencies.

  • Transgender youth are being denied the opportunity to join organized sports and are missing out on that important sense of community and engagement.

    Our Proposed Solutions:

    • LGBTQ+ Youth Homelessness

      • Increase funding for and require Continuum of Care to provide dedicated short term housing facilities for LGBTQ+ Youth

      • Increase funding and outreach effects to households with members that identify as LGBTQ+ to encourage increased acceptance with the aim of keeping families together and LGBTQ+ youth off the streets.

    • Gender Identity added to anti-discrimination laws

      • Codify and protect Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity into law based on Supreme Court Case Bostic vs Clayton County, GA.

      • Encourage all states to adopt Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity non-discrimination laws by tieing it to essential funding.

      • Update Fair Housing Act to include protections for the LGBTQ+ community

    • Transgender Athletes

      • Codifying a National Sports Policy that allows Youth to participate in sports associated with their Gender Identity

      • Require all states to implement robust anti-bullying protocols and make counseling services available to anyone in need.

    How would we pay for this?

    • Reappropriate existing funds where possible, should any additional funds be needed it will be incorporated into the budgeting bill in a way that does not increase National Debt.