Offshore Drilling

The Identified Concern:

To combat climate change and meet our commitment to net-zero emissions no later than 2050, we need to eliminate fossil fuel usage by the mid-2040s while maintaining our energy independence and creating a seamless transition from clean energy sources.

Oil spills resulting from offshore drilling accidents have had an enormous impact on marine life, oceanic economic activities, and water quality, jeopardizing the livelihood of Millions living in our coastal communities.

Our Proposed Solutions:

  • Complete ban of offshore drilling by late 2030s.

      • No new offshore drilling permits.

      • End all subsidies for offshore drilling by 2030.

  • Invest in offshore wind farms within 200 miles of the South Carolina coast.

  • Tap into 600,000 TWh/year (terawatt-hours per year) capacity off of the South Carolina coast with energy.

  • Creating a green energy jobs ecosystem that will bring thousands of well-paying jobs to the Midlands and all of South Carolina.

  • ***Note: There is so much more to talk about as it relates to climate change. This is just my plan for offshore drilling. I plan to address additional climate change concerns with additional platform releases in the coming months.

How would we pay for this?

  • Ensure existing budget items are re-routed to green offshore wind farm projects.

  • Use savings from ending subsidies to invest in green, clean energy.