Human Trafficking and Slavery

The Identified Concern:

    Our Proposed Solutions:

    • Reducing Demand for Illegal Sex Work

      • Ensure all states decriminalize being a victim of Human Trafficking

      • Increased prosecution of Sex Work buyers

      • Require Human Trafficking prevention training for certain professions in high-risk industries.

    • Increased accountability

      • Ensure Financial crime laws are up to date and include payment methods commonly used in Human Trafficking, for example, cryptocurrencies.

      • Require large companies to verify supply chain is human trafficking free when operating in known hotspots or face fines and lack of US market access

      • End forced labor in our prison system and immigrant detention centers.

    • Help Victims get back on and stay on their feet

      • Establish grants to fund recovery houses in every state and create a set of minimum standards that each state must strive for when helping victims of Human Trafficking.

      • Ensure Immigrant victims of Human Trafficking have access to all needed resources and those without legal status have the opportunity to gain legal protection and have a route to citizenship

      • Provide funding for work placement programs designed to specifically address the needs of those who have been victims of Human Trafficking.

    How would we pay for this?

    • Ensure the Office of Victims of Crimes is fully funded with multi-year budget plans approved

    • Commitment to a balanced budget that does not require debt financing so any additional amounts that cannot be absolved by the existing budget will be financed by reductions in other areas.