Homelessness in America

The Identified Concern:

    Our Proposed Solutions:

    • Adopted a Housing First approach as the only method

    • Standardize data collection to include real-time statistics of the Homeless population and require Continuum of Care to provide frequent updates.

    • Decriminalize Homelessness and crimes associated with such condition

    • Improve Resources

      • Ensure an emergency fund is fully funded and is accessible by Continuums of Care with the option to bypass State approval.

      • Provide funding to Continuum of Care to purchase/rehab multi-dwelling properties such as Hotels to provide short-term housing.

      • Ensure Emergency Rental Assistance is available to low-income households at risk of eviction regardless of where they live.

      • Offer financial incentives to States with the goal to reform zoning laws to allow for more multi-family dwellings, tiny houses, and Ancillary dwelling units.

      • Ensure that housing, mental health, workforce training, and health services work together and have a joint plan of action in each Continuum of Care to ensure we are working towards our goal of ending Homelessness.

    • Uphold our end of the bargain with regards to Veterans and ensure they have proper access to services during and after from military to civilian life.

    How would we pay for this?

    • Reappropriate existing funds where possible, should any additional funds be needed it will be incorporated into the budgeting bill in a way that does not increase National Debt.