Meet Judd


Judd's story begins in the small town of Ninety Six in rural Greenwood County. From day one, he learned that what brings us together is always stronger than what tears us apart and that South Carolinians will always step up to help their neighbors, no matter their differences.

Judd's father, Robert, instilled in him the importance of hard work, dedication, and family. After dropping out of High School, Robert worked his way up to become a successful small business owner. Even after tragically losing his wife, Rachel, to breast cancer when Judd was only 14 years old, Robert continued to raise his three boys and encouraged them to become better men.

Growing up, Judd had a front-row seat to his father's underdog story and drew inspiration from seeing it firsthand. Judd has always wanted to be a small business owner as he believes small businesses are the backbone of any community and are an important driver of job creation.  Through his father's encouragement, many sleepless nights, and the support of his friends, family, and neighbors, Judd was able to follow in his father's footsteps and became a small business owner himself. Judd started a grocery store that focused on providing quality food products at reasonable prices to an underserved community. Judd is currently involved in growing the Shipley Do-nut Franchise in South Carolina and is aiming to bring a location to the Midlands very soon. 

For over a decade, Judd has also worked in the family construction business. In the decade since starting with the company, Judd has overseen an expansion that has brought the company to new heights. The construction industry is full of a wide variety of people from numerous walks of life. No matter the skill or background, Judd has always treated everyone with respect and dignity. As your representative, Judd will bring this culture of respect for others to the Midlands. No matter your views, creed, religion, or lifestyle; your opinions and experiences will always be respected and heard. Big interests will never override the interests of those living in the Midlands. 

From these experiences in small businesses, Judd knows the challenges faced by everyday people in the Midlands. However, the people of the Midlands have not received the support they deserve from Washington. Something has to change and Judd has decided to stand up and be that change. He knows what it takes to set a budget, create good-paying jobs, and encourage economic growth in our rural areas, and is running for Congress to bring that perspective to Washington. The Midlands will finally have a voice that will be heard in Congress.  The Midlands is primed to become a shining star in the Southeast and will do so with Judd as its advocate in Washington. 

Outside of work, Judd is happily married to his wife, Leslie, and a proud caretaker of his two Labs, Tillie and Maddie. Judd is a 2012 graduate of Clemson University and also holds a Master's from the University of Cambridge. You can often run into him at a local football or basketball game as well as the many cultural sites that the Midlands has to offer, so don't be afraid to come up and say hi!

Thank you for your support, and together we'll bring change to South Carolina and the Midlands.